Monday, December 7, 2009

Elf Snowball Fight

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Monday Musings

Today we have had a cleaning/movie marathon day. I bribe the kids with movies to get them to help me clean up and clean out closets and drawers. We live in a rather small three bedroom house so we have to purge unnecessary stuff on a regular basis or it would take over the house! I have to chuckle as my boys are watching "A Christmas Story" for the gazillionth (like my made up word :-) time since getting it out with the Christmas stuff. You know the story about Ralphie and his obsession with getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Well last year, Jack was Ralphie! And Yes, Santa did bring him a Red Ryder, not to mention every other kid in the house got one too! I particularly loved Olivia's, it's hot pink! Anyway, I digress! I was laughing at the part near the end when Ralphie finally gets his gun and his dad is telling him to be careful not to drop the BB's as he is loading it because they will get everywhere. He is so NOT kidding! A few months ago, one of my brilliant children, who will remain nameless, placed an almost full box of BB's on top of the fridge. Mind you, it was not back far enough so that one could open the door and not meet with BB catastrophe. So poor Taylor opens up the freezer door and it sounded like it was raining in the kitchen. It was 4000 BB's falling off the top of the fridge! How long does it take one (or 6 for that matter!) to clean up 4000 BB's, you might ask? A very long time! We were all down on the floor trying to gather up as many as we could, when Jack got a stellar idea! He grabbed his magnet kit that we use for science and started sliding his huge magnets around the floor and you could hear all those BB's going "clink, clink" as they sucked to it. For the next 45 minutes there we all were sliding these magnets all over the floor trying to get as many BB's as possible. We were finding BB's for weeks that had fallen in the freezer, the fridge, under the cabinets. What a mess. My boys now know that their BB's belong outside in the garage ;-)