Saturday, March 6, 2010

Catch Up

We haven't posted anything for a long time, so we thought we should bring our blog up to date! Here are some of the things that have gone on in the Davis Household in the last couple of months.

Olivia and I (Taylor) had a Christmas Piano Concert.
We all had a really fun time! Although I was so nervous Olivia could see me shaking while I performed.

Olivia and Audrey are two peas in a pod.
Now we move on to Christmas. We had a delightful Christmas this year. Everyone was in good spirits and the food was amazing! Aside from that we thoroughly enjoyed the celebrating of our savior!!!

Jack did not have a fun Christmas last year because all he recieved were clothes and bed sheets. He did get one little toy and he was very thankful for everything he got. Poor Jack was still let down and said that he wanted NO clothes this Christmas.  He did get clothes, but he had many toys and games that he has been enjoying since Christmas.

Olivia and the boys all got their own bows and arrows from mom and dad. One of her favorite presents was her Zoo Tycoon computer game.

Our two year old twin cousins, Mairin (above) and Teagen (below with our Grandma), were a funny pair on Christmas Eve opening presents and dancing.

Below are pictures of Ryan (with his customary bottle of katchup), Alec, and Myself.

Here is our Dad and Mairin! And our Uncle Mickey and crazy Aunt Tricia. The twins can't say Tricia so they call her Aunt Trasha!! Everyone refers to her as Trashy Trish now! Ha Ha Ha