Friday, July 30, 2010


VBS. . .YES!
The 3rd week in July we always do VBS at FBC. We love it! This years theme was Egypt: Joseph's story. It's amazing that God can take what others intend for evil and make it good!! The kids learned a lot, and Taylor, Ryan, Olivia and I were "family" helpers this year instead of being in the market place. It was a great time of fellowship and learning for all of us! Can't wait to do it next year!
Here the kids get to cool off with outdoor water games. I can't tell if the kids or the adults are having more fun??
Jack and his pal Isaac are making papyrus. This is the type of paper the Egyptians would make out of plant reeds. Very cool!
Here Alec gets his hands dirty making paper!

On this day it rained outside, so Mr. Jim had to move the fun and games indoors. Here Alec is concentrating on what animal he is going to try and net while he "hunts".
The Egyptians were very vain and beauty was a big deal. Both men and women wore make-up. Isn't Olivia pretty with her Egyptian make-over!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


July 2010
Alec gets baptized!
We had our church picinic and baptisim in July. Alec was ready to be baptized. Here Steve, our Pastor, prays with Alec after hearing his confession of faith.

Alec getting baptized

The kids playing in the pool on our church grounds after the baptizim. I think we had 10 adults and children baptized that day. What a beautiful way to celebrate God's growing kingdom!

A good game of "chicken" keeps the boys active!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17th 2010, Jack Turns 8!
(And gets to be the ring bearer on his birthday!)

Isn't he cute in a tux!
Here he is doing his job with the adorable flower girl.
Still cute after a job well done!
With each passing birthday it gets bittersweet. We watch Jack grow into a young man, no longer the "baby". We have been blessed to have a cute and snuggle loving Jack!
Jack: English origin, means God is gracious
William: English origin, means protector

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Girly-Girls!!
We love having the twins come and stay with us for a few days! They come once about every 4-6 weeks when Kris and Eric's work schedules collide and they work the same nights. They are a hoot and a joy to have!

They always play "Row, Row, Row your boat" in the dining room with a bench and a few tennis rackets. They have great imaginations!

Alec is always a good sport and he loves his cousins!
Double-trouble in the kitchen helping make pan-a-cakes! They LOVE 'em with chocolate chips!
Teagan rides in Aunt Sarahbuddy's bus! (that's what the girls call our big van! We have to take a ride in it at least once a day!)
Mairin rides in the bus with Alec and Ry-guy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taylor Graduates from highschool!
As hard as it may seem, we had our first Homeschooled Highschool Graduate! Taylor worked hard and we are all very proud of her. She will be starting classes in January at ECC. She took this fall semester off to start a Good News Club at Labadie Elementary School, and step into a leadership role in the Youth Group at our church. She has become the Jr./Sr. High girls mentor and is doing a great job. She is also teaching four sign language classes a week and learning how to play guitar. She keeps herself busy and is also still a great help at home with her siblings.