Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Johnson Shut-Ins and Elephant Rock

When we went to the Shut-ins we had a lot of fun playing around on the rocks. At one point Jack heard thunder and he freaked out! We had to get out and chase after him because he was racing to the van. Once we had changed clothes the weather was clearing up and we decided to stay and eat dinner there at one of the picnic spots.

Here's me trying to drown Ryan!

Just kidding!

The Jack-Attack. . .pre-thunderstorm FREAK OUT!

Me and Olivia

Alec catching some rays.

We all decided to relax after eating at a picnic area just outside the Shut-ins.

I feel asleep on this rock and had no idea anyone was going to snap my picture!

The boys goofing around!

These are pictures from Elephant Rock. We had fun climbing and running all over the rocks in the beautiful sunshine.
We all climbed on the tire swing after lunch and had Ry push us as fast as he could. Everyone except Jack liked the spinning. Jack was screaming the entire time. The rest of us got a good laugh out of his hysterics.

We had a fun filled day and hope to go back to see the beautiful paths they have there in the fall.

Happy Belated Birthdays!

Olivia turned 13 in June. She is in 8th grade this school year. She received a Kindle for her birthday and loves to read from it as much as she can. She can't wait to take an online Anatomy and Physiology class in January. While she is waiting for that class to start she is building a battery powered racecar with Ryan.

Jack turned 9 in July and as you can tell he is very smug about almost being 10. He is in third grade this school year. Mom is having him use Heart of Dakota - Bigger Hearts For His Glory. He loves the "get-up-and-move activities that the author puts in the curriculum because he gets to "work out" during school.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Girly-Girls

We were able to see our twin cousins a lot over the summer. We enjoy them and they love to spend time with Aunt Sarah-buddy, Uncle Bobby and all their cousins!

Here Taylor helps Mairin count during a game of Hide-and-seek.

Teagan is partial to Alec and Jack. She is often heard saying, "Hey, where is MY Alec!" or "I want MY Jack."

Two cute girls trying on their new swimsuits that Mamaw Barb bought them.

Angelic Mairin (don't let that face fool you!!)

Teagan with her Ry-guy!

Olivia and her Mamaw!
Mamaw got the kuddos for best birthday gift this year! The Kindle is a huge hit!

Olivia and Aunt Tricia at Chee Burger Chee Burger. Our favorite burger joint!