Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dad and Jack go Camping. . .in the rain!

Jack wrote out a list he and his dad would need to go camping. Bobby has carried said list around with him for almost a year. So he finally decided it was time to let Jack fullfill his camping dreams. So they headed out and the weather called for rain. And it did, almost the whole time. But Jack didn;t care, he had a blast! So did his dad :-)

Jack getting his rain gear ready to camp.

Check out the smug grin on the face of a boy having a great time camping in the rain!
A very tired boy on the way back home.

Dirty feet that belong to a Jack that had a great time with his dad!
Boy: noun. Noise with dirt on it!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Riding Around

After we got done with the horses, Ryan gave the girls a ride on the RTV and the 4-wheeler.

Horse Crazy

Olivia, Ryan and Taylor have been working with the horses at their Pampaw Bob and Grandma Darlene's. We had a chance to take the twins and my sister, Kristen, out there one afternoon and we had a ball!

Taylor and Teagen on Rose. Aunt Kristen is holding the rope.

Taylor riding Star.Taylor and MoMo riding Rose.
Olivia and MoMo on Star.
Jack and MoMo.
Jack and MoMo on Star. If you haven't noticed, Mairin liked the horses a lot better than her sister did!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack be asleep under the bench!

Ever have one of those moments as a parent where you feel about 1 inch tall? Come on, I know you all, don't lie!! Well, I must confess that I was hollering for Jack to come back and get his schoolwork done. I was getting really angry, and to my chagrin, he had fallen asleep under the table! He was actually snuggled up with the dog, but she left when I bent down to take the picture.