Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moby Dick

So what do you do if your a 9 year old homeschool boy who has read Moby Dick with your older brother and you've watched the movie??? Why act it out with your Imaginex. . .of course!! So Jack used his pirate ship as the Whaler and his shark as Moby!! Great imagination, that one!! He also used two of Ryan's camp pads as the ocean since they were blue. Told ya, he thought of everything!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family Field Trip!

Our family got an incredible opportunity Friday, to get up close and personal with an F/A-18. Our friend Kathy called and said her son Zach, who happens to be a Navy pilot, would be making a stop-over on his way to San Diego. She wanted to know if the kids would be interested in getting to see Zach's plane. WOULD THEY EVER!! I think Bobby was the most excited to get to see the bird. Those of you who knew him before wife and kids will remember that this was what he wanted to do before he met me and God changed his flight plan! Check out the pics, they are great!

This F/A-18 is painted to resemble a Russian fighter. Zach is part of the Aggressor Squadron that trains other pilots to attack.

Above is the picture of the gatling gun which can fire up to 6000 rounds per minute! But Zach said they only carry about 600 rounds so they are also very accurate!
Alec and Jack in the foreground, Zach in the background.

Alec was impressed with the tailhook. That tiny hook is what stops the aircraft upon landing on a carrier. It's not very big!!!

Bobby trying on Zach's helmet! He was happy to get to see his favorite plane! The gear that Zach is wearing weighs about 80 lbs. He said that when they are flying missions they carry about 20 lbs. more on them! That's about the weight of another person.

How we play with our food!!!

Here is Alec enjoying a bowl of potato soup!!