Monday, March 12, 2012

Tay's First Job Interview

Taylor had her first job interview at a hospital about 45 minutes from home.  Ryan was very cute and offered to go with her and to take her out to lunch afterwards.  They had a great day together.  Tay had a great interview experience and is just hoping for some good news later this week!!
Poor Taylor, even with heels on Ryan dwarfs her!  She calls him her big little brother.  He decided to dress up since she looked so nice for her interview.  It does a momma's heart good to watch her kids build friendships with one another.  They looked so cute!

A Day at the Range!!

 We recently spent a great day in the country with our friends, the Corbett Family.  While lunch was cooking everyone was out side having a great time shooting all sorts of guns.  Ryan and the Corbett boys had just finished a two day hunter safty class.  They decided that the rest of the kids needed to get in on what they learned!  Momma even got to shoot, and I didn't do to bad either!!

Here dad helps Taylor

Tay with a 9mm doing just fine on her own.

Olivia 'Oakley' with a trusty .22

Alec taking a crack at the .22

Alec checking out the target, satisfied with his aim.

Dad giving Jack a few pointers with the .22 handgun.

Reload table

Ryan taking a turn with the .22

Ry coming in after checking his target

It was a great time spent with even better friends!  Of course it didn't help Bobby's hand gun envy!  Maybe someday honey!