Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving part 1

We had a great Thanksgiving with my side of the fam.  There was much stuffing of bellies and loads of laughter.  I am thankful to have such a family to share with!
 Teagen doing her gobble gobble with her Turkey hat on!
 Taylor, Teagen and Holli
 Taylor and her Alec
 The birthday buddies!
 If only there were four Stooges!  Here's Pawpaw Tom, Bobby, Uncle Eric and Uncle Mickey. . .trying to stay out of trouble!
 Bobby and Olivia.  Lou may be growing up, but she still has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.
Aunt Kristen and Teagen

Thanksgiving part 2

Here are more pictures from our Gold family Thanksgiving!
Tay and her Teagen buddy!
Alec and his Pawpaw Tom
Aunt Tricia and Olivia

 Aunt Tricia, Sarah, Teagen and Luca (Aunt T.T.'s 4 legged baby)

 Aunt Tricia rocken' the Turkey hat!
 Mom and her blue-eyed guy, Alec
 Great Aunt Sandi and Mairin
 Uncle Mickey, Jack and Pawpaw Tom
 Teagen doing Gangnam style!!
 Everybody having fun!
Holli, Ryan, Aunt T.T and Jack gettin' jiggey!


Alec, Mairin & Teagen all share the same birthday, November 27th.  We always celebrate it on Thanksgiving as we have the whole family together.  This year Alec will be 12 and the Girlys will be 5.  Taylor made them yummy pumpkin cakes for their birthday.

 Two Turkeys and an Alec waiting patiently to open their presents.
 Mairin and her Jack.  Mairin loves Transformers and legos.  Jack found the perfect Transformer and she was so excited!
 Taylor made Teagan and Mairin blankets and pint sized pillows.  The girls love taking blankets with them in the car.

 Alec has been wanting a hiking pack for Scouts, so his dad and I found a really nice one for him.
 Jack and MoMo putting together Bulkhead the Transformer.
 As much as Mairin is a tomboy, Teagen is a princess.  Here she is putting some of her "real" make-up that she got on her Aunt Tricia.  Teagen told Aunt TT, "Don't worry, I'm a professional."  What a hoot!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Crazy Fun!

We Had the Girly-Girls for a few days and we always have a lot of fun with them!!  They love to come to Aunt Sarah's and do school with the big kids.  I always print out color pages and handwriting and math worksheets for them.  They love to sit by their Uncle Bobby and have him check their work just like he does with the older kids before dinner.  It's really cute!  So here are some pictures about their time with us.
 Teagen lost her very first tooth at Aunt Sarah & Uncle Bobby's house.  Taylor, the official family tooth puller, yanked it out for her.  The tooth fairy came and left her a note and $2.  She was very excited!
 Tay and her buddies!
 Mairin and Jack. . .two peas in a pod!!
 All our girls showing a little love!  (check out their hands and see what they spell!)
 Being cheeky monkeys!!
The gang getting another year older!  Where does the time go??!!

Science at Home

This year in school we are doing Biology, so we have had a great time dissecting all sorts of neat stuff!  In these pictures we are dissecting a starfish.  Ryan couldn't help cracking everyone up by singing like Patrick Starr from Spongebob while making his starfish dance!
 Here is Olivia waiting to start.

 Our good friend Holli does a few classes with us this year.  Holli and Alec were lab partners.  Check out Alec as he rocks my apron!!
 Ry trying to be as serious as he can be, while still making us all laugh!
Olivia, questioning her brothers mental state, as evidenced by the following picture!
What do you do when you are done dissecting??  Funny you should ask. . .because if you are Ryan Davis, you make a mustache out of half your starfish!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Okay. . .So it's been awhile!!

It has been crazy around the Davis house for sometime.  So I am sorry that it has taken a while to catch up with everyone.  So hold on for a whirlwind update!!
Ryan celebrated his 16th birthday this year.  We had a lot of fun with him on his Birthday.  His sisters found 16 gag gifts that reminded them of Ryan or of his humorous personality.  At one point we were all laughing so hard i thought someone might need to get us all some Depends.  It was a "mustache -cular" day!

Olivia turned 14 this year.  Boy the time flies!  She is busy with her horses at her Grandpa Bob's.  She has been fortunate to be able to ride with a trainer one day a week and learn how to train a pony from the ground up.  If you ask, she'd rather be riding!!

The Jack-Attack turned 10.  Can you believe it!!  He made it this long!!  Just kidding!  He is still all boy and loves his military history and weapons! 

Ryan and Alec are involved in Boy Scouts and the whole family helped out at the Fall Camporee.  The boys Troop hosted it and we had a lot of fun.  Ryan and his friend Zack are the Senior Patrol Leaders this year.  Below the older leaders are having some fun with the new guys!    We'll post more about the camporee later!  (Ryan is to the left and Alec is being held in the center)

Great friends of ours from church got new furniture and blessed Jack and Alec with some awesome big boxes.  The boys played in them for days until the rain came and we had to take them down! 

August 1st Bobby and Olivia went riding at Grandpa Bob's.  Bobby was bucked off Jack the mule and kicked in the head, sustaining a closed head injury that he is still recovering from.  Olivia was the only one with him and did a great job while receiving first aid instructions via the phone from her mama.  Bobby was unconscious for at least 20 minutes.  He is finally starting to shake some of the residual symptoms.  The most bothersome is his inability to really taste food.  We are ever so blessed to have our husband and daddy.  He was a true testimony to the glory of God, even to the ER doctors.  Everyone was shocked that the damage was not as severe as first thought.  The Dr. told me, "There is no earthly reason that he does not have a massive brain bleed and internal organ damage."  I said, "Your right. . .There is no EARTHLY reason!"  We serve a sovereign God, he is good all the time!!