Monday, December 3, 2012

School Pictures

Since it is nearing Christmas, I figured it would be a good time to have our school pictures taken.  My friend Amanda, a fellow homeschooling momma, took these great pictures of the kids.  We thought it would be funny to take a shot of the whole "school" since there are only six students.  Taylor made them each numbers to hold to tell you what grade they are in this year.  Can you tell who the dyslexic is???  Give you a hint, his name starts with a "J"!!
 Jack 4th grade, Olivia & Ryan both 10th grade, Holli (our friend we are helping school this year) 11th grade and Alec 6th grade.
 This pic more closely resembles the humor that fills a lot of our days!!
 Jack   age 10
 Alec  age 12
 Olivia  age 14
 Taylor   age 20
 Ryan   age 16
 Sibling love