Friday, April 5, 2013

Taylor Turns 21!!

Tay turned 21 and instead of the usual 21st happenings, she decided to make the day about everyone else.  We loaded the van full of 12 family and friends and  spent the day doing intentional acts of kindness, 21 to be exact.  It was a lot of fun!  She started the day by giving her dad a set of commentaries he has been eyeing and a few other Bible helps books.  She sent her mom and two friends out to lunch, dropped off books and treats at the library, the ambulance houses in our town, took slushes to everyone working in the hospital ER, left crayons and treats in all the hospital waiting rooms for children of all ages, helped people take their shopping carts back at the store, left change taped to all the washers and dryers at the Laundromat, taped popcorn bags to several Red Box kiosks, taped candy to ATM machines, taped encouraging messages to the mirrors in public restrooms, took her grandma a surprise and a few girls from church got treats and surprises as well.  We had a great and fun filled day ending with dinner with our friends the Melton's! 

 Tay and her Dad
 Teagen and Ry along for the fun!
 At the bank

Leaving little things for little guys to do at the hospital.  We also took flowers to several floors and asked the nursing staff to find a patient that needed a pick me up for the day.  The nurses were touched and eager to help us help someone else.  The whole day was funded completely by Taylor, who said it was the best birthday ever!