Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Going a little Horse Crazy!

Olivia has been exercise riding and helping to put the gears on Caspian horses for awhile now.  She loves her days at Maefield Farms home to Azad Caspians.  The trainer that Olivia works with is a gem and has taught her so many things.  Some people call them ponies, but Caspians are actually small horses, NOT ponies, as Olivia will be the first to tell you.  These horses are trained as jumpers and sold as childrens show horses.  They are sweet and intelligent little things, but can still get frisky and toss you if they want to!  Below are a few that Lou is currently working with. 
 Hank close-up!
Lilly, Olivia's favorite girl! 
Before you all go thinking that Olivia is the only horseman in the family, not true!  Here is Ryan riding Montana in a show for a friend.  He loves it just as much, as evidenced by the smile on his face!
Olivia and Ryan have learned a lot about horse ownership and most of it has to do with fixing fence!  They are out of the house several days a week either at Maefield, their grandpa's or their Aunt and Uncles doing the maintenance work that comes with owning a horse.  It's hard work but it's good for them.  They have spent a lot of their summer in hay fields as well, bucking bales in order to feed their friends throughout the winter.