Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alec turns 13 and the Twins turn 6!!

Nov. 27th is a busy day for the Davis clan.  Alec, Mairin & Teagen, and Aunt Pam all share the same birthday.  It is also Grandpa Bob and Grandma Darlene's Anniversary.  Alec and the girls always celebrate their birthday on Thanksgiving since we have the whole Gold side together.  Alec made Minion cupcakes this year because that is what Mairin and Teagen wanted instead of a cake.  He did a great job.  The pictures below tell the tale all by themselves, but we'll narrate for you anyway!!
Picture #1:  All is well, the singing has begun and we are all happy!  As this unfolds notice Teagen in her own little world, completely oblivious to what is happening next to her!!
 Picture #2:  Alec leans in and blows Mairin's candle out. . .and she ain't happy!!!!  Teagen, on the other hand, gears up to make a wish!!
 Picture #3:  Mairin leans in to blow out Alec's candle for revenge. . .but he is laughing so hard he could care less.  Teagen is like' "Yipee, my wish will come true!"  Don't worry, no birthday wishes were dashed in the making of this birthday memory!!
 Alec's Minion cupcakes, notice in the above picture that Teagen has the purple crazy Minion, she requested it, so her Alec buddy made one just for her!
We all had several good laughs and presents all around, it was a great birthday!