Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pony Picture Day! (And Updates.)

Good Evening. Your regular reading will return shortly after this important message.

HAHA NOT!! So, anyway, this is Livvy. Trust me, my mother would NEVER type the way I do. She claims I am too....what was the word? Oh, yeah SARCASTIC. *gasps in shock and horror*
   Well, anyway, I got pics that I wanted to share, because I know EVERYONE has been DYING to see pictures of my pretty ponies. heheheheheh. And, because I'm bored. Mostly, it's because I'm bored. So, you all heard about me getting my first horse, right?? Right?????? Well, guess who gained some weight!?!
Doesn't she look good? So, yeah, there is Annie! Her are some more pics too,
Me and Annie before Christmas....

Again, us before Christmas...

Three weeks AFTER Christmas, with her new bridle! (Kincade,  BRAND NEW for 25 bucks. SCORE!!)

And chillaxin' at the barn.
Now, for Star. After all, we can't leave her out, can we?

Notice in this one, we are without reins! They are tied as a grab strap around her neck!! So proud of her!

Mo-Mo, wanting to "sit like a princess" and Star, patiently allowing her.


Me and Star, from a year or two ago. Such a cute face!
Ago, so I'm done now. We're good. Mom will no doubt start blogging again soon, when she has time. So, bye bye!!