Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!!

 We finally got snow!  Well, more like snow, ice pellets and more snow.  The kids hurried through their school today so they could go out and play.  I snapped a shot of Ryan, who I thought was shoveling the back walk.  All of a sudden Alec pops out of the pile.  I have no idea what bargin was made between these two brothers so that Ry could bury him in the snow.  I am sure I'll hear about it later ;-)

 Here is my Jack, ready to go sledding!
He said he felt like Randy from A Christmas Story with all the layers!
Alec, Jack and Josiah are spraying their sleds with cooking spray and letting it freeze on their sleds so they can go really fast down the already steep hill!  No limbs were broken in the making of this fun!!
Ryan and the boys built an igloo and Alec and Josiah are determined to sleep in it tonight.  They each have several sleeping bags, about 4 layers of clothing and tarps.  To their credit, their igloo is actually very snug and warm.  I told them I'd leave the back light on to the basement door incase they got to cold to hack it!  Oh to have the enthusiam of youth going for you!!  Tune in tomorrow to see if they actually make it!  Tomorrow will be another early school day for us so we can meet friends to go sledding at the big hill in town!  I LOVE the snow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remembering My Uncle Bill

 My Uncle Bill Passed away towards the end of last year.  My parents slavaged his rifles and gave them to my kids.  So we decided to go target shooting and check them out.  It was Bobby, Oliva, Jack and myself and we had a great time.  Bobby is a very strict range officer, so the kids are extremely cautious and know how to handle guns with respect and safety always.

Olivia, who is a crack shot, always tends to hit her target in a nice tight circle.
Ryan usually gets more range time in, so he does out shoot her sometimes.

 We shoot across the pond into the bank where we have targets in place.
Even I can hit the target, sometimes :-)

Olivia and her Cowgirls!

Olivia used some of her Christmas money to buy the twins cowgirl outfits for when they go riding with her.  The girls LOVED them!  Now all they want their mom to buy them is a horse!  Olivia's big surprise was finally revealed to her.  She will be getting 2 new horses in the spring.  A two year old filly and a stud colt yearling.  She is excited to be able to train them from the ground up and have them for her very own.  She has been learning a lot from the trainer she works with once a week.  Her riding is really improving and she has been learning how to train young horse from the beginning.  She is really doing a great job.  Her dad and I have no doubts that these two horses will be amazingly trained when Lou is done with them :-)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Davis Side Christmas

 Here's a few pics from our Davis side Christmas gathering!  Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without Olivia and her horses!

Olivia & Star
 Aunt Sandy, Jack, Olivia, Courtney, Andrew and Grandma Darlene
 Aunt Pam, Austin, Uncle Brian, Ryan, Alec, Taylor & Aunt Sandy
 Cousin Andrew and Grandma Darlene
 Olivia and Cousin Courtney
 Cousin Austin and Alec
Courtney, Andrew and Aunt Pam
We are all excited because Aunt Pam and uncle Brian are expecting their first little one in April!!

Christmas Craziness

It's been too long since we last posted.  Christmas was fun at the Gold side as always.  Ryan and Papa Tom were the Grill Masters and they did a great job!

Ryan and Papa Tom
 Aunt Sandi and Alec
 Papa Tom and Taylor
 Aunt Tricia and Uncle Mickey
 Alec, Mamaw Bard & Jack
 Olivia and mairin
 Mairin and her Conga Line!!
 Mom & Aunt Kristen
The Three Stoodges!!
Bobby, Ryan (Yes he is finally taller than his dad, but not his papa!!) and Papa Tom